Always be convinced,
doing good is always possible!

Get out of the one-way street!

Even if the current, responsible professional politicians, in whatever country, only received half or their total income, they would still receive too much for the immense damage they regularly cause to the population!

As soon as the majority of the population frees itself from the political and economic gag that has long existed, human nature will fully unfold in its positive, grandiose naturalness and strength, reducing misery and suffering to a minimum!

Who is doing war propaganda?
For us as a human rights association, and for me as founder and chairperson, it is not yet entirely clear where the warmongering, which seems to be put into the world almost daily by Western media and professional politicians, wants to lead.
Is it to be show once again that part of academic knowledge ultimately consists only of primitive, power-hungry and violence-prone mental concepts?

Those who are predominantly inclined in their lives to gain advantages by treacherous dishonesty are also always inclined to impute the same dishonesty to their fellow human beings.

Why do Chinese citizens believe that their country is progressive??
Progress is only possible where humanity comes first!

We are once again slippingmore and more into an ominous world. Those who can prevent this, but do not, are not only marginalising their fellow human beings, but also them- selves little by little. Because, in the end, an even more divided world will be a prison for all people – also the polluters!

As long as citizens need money to claim their rights, their humanity is arbitrarily pushed aside in favour of a “system” that is already inherently characterless.

As soon as the majority of the population frees itself from the existing, systematic oppression, human nature will develop completely freely in its positive, grandiose naturalness, reducing hardship an suffering to a minimum.

Nobody is a stranger until we treat them as a stranger.

… it is our natural right – freedom!

Freedom grows out of justice.
Justice arises on the basis of truth.
You find truth where true humanity comes first – and that is where freedom reveals itself.

For some years now, a certain war has been taking place, not on battlefields, but against the population. Those responsible for it – wherever they sit – must have long forgotten that they too are part of the human species. Therefore, everything they do against their fellow human beings will sooner or later automatically be directed against themselves. They should stop throwing their lives away!

Medicin, Laws, economy and bureaucracy must be designed for the benefit of all citizens!
Everything else is perfidious manipulation!

As soon as we classify wars and the production of weapons of war as what they really are, namely capital crimes, it will be easier to prove that those responsible for them are criminally guilty for injuring and killing citizens through wars and weapons of war!

Where some strange people want to urge their fellow human beings to consume insects – in whatever way – it is neither about health nor about humanity! The only thing that matters ist the satisfaction of mental absurdities that override the common sense of those who order such madness.

Even if only one single person in this world had to live in poverty, it would be an injustice!