We have to give up the “spectator role”.
Much more we should be committed to humanity.

Get involved with us
for significantly more humanity!

  • when carrying out meaningful vigils.

  • in the support of socially disadvantaged citizens

  • through your suggestions and your participation in our sessions

  • when distributing our informative flyers

  • at signature campaigns and other social activities

  • Everyone has strengths – stand up for humanity everywhere

  • you can also support us with a donation.

Active membership

You also have strengths – with us you can develop them further and use them. Of course, as an active member you can decide for yourself in which activities you would like to participate. The only important thing is that you are convinced of our tasks and get involved with us from time to time.


The monthly membership fee is for individuals with finan. Income 5.00 Euro, for couples 8.00 Euro and for fellow citizens who are in a financially straitened situation or in retirement 3.00 Euro. The first month is free.

Passive membership

Through your passive membership you show us your conviction.
You will regularly receive minutes of meetings. And you can contribute your knowledge and constructive ideas at any time. to the membership form