There is no overpopulation!

There are not too many people on this planet,
but too many industrial demands and too little philanthropy
for the necessary decisions!

About 820 million fellow citizens
are deprived of sufficient food!

About 520 million in Asia
about 230 million in Africa
about 42 million in
South America and
the Caribbean.

Numbers from: jean,,

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  • Based on numerous events that we have been following closely for several years, we are of the strengthened opinion that it would not be a problem at all on our planet to constantly provide 15 to 20 billion people – perhaps even more – with healthy, sufficient food.

  • Keyword -crowded cities-
    The cities are overcrowded because certain professional politicians and economic represen- tatives of the respective states organise it that way …
    It is made difficult for the citizens in the countryside in every conceivable way so that they move to the cities and become even more dependent there (e.g. housing and work).
    The land that becomes free is then taken over by financially rich people and corporations in order to build companies and large estates with luxurious houses in the countryside far away from the city noise.

  • Every year, approximately 1.3 milliard tons of food are thrown into the waste stream world- wide. This alone could feed about 2 to 3 milliard people.
    ( waste)

  • Any of us citizens who take a closer look at the “economic” processes will easily see that a great deal of land is repeatedly misused.
    This contradicts without any ifs and buts the sense of a real, human community – and also the natural environment.

  • In Germany alone, about 18 to 30 million tons of food are thrown away every year – mainly by the industry itself.
    (Deutschlandfunk; Handelsblatt)

  • Countless industrial areas instead of growing grain and vegetables.

  • An armaments industry that makes civil wars and wars possible in the first place and thereby causes food shortages among the respective civilian population – arbitrarily!

  • Arbitrary misuse of natural areas by palm cultivation to produce cheap oil.

  • Arbitrary misuse of corn and grain for the production of gasoline.

  • Often senseless construction of dams, which destroy huge areas in their natural state and on top of that drive away citizens.
    Constant new construction and extension of highways instead of land for growing grain and vegetables etc.

  • We should also consider the fact that some groups of people can repeatedly – worldwide – appropriate extremely large areas of land, which are thus withheld from the general public. Here the rigid property thinking stands in the first place …

Even if only one single person in this world had to live in poverty,
it would be an injustice!

Our comment

The priorities of the world’s major players, especially those of Central Europe, are wrong – and have been for a long time!
The responsible professional politicians could have done everything they could to prevent citizens from getting into the life-threatening situation of a lack of food, nutrients and water.
But so far they have only been thinking within a fixed “framework” – they lack the courage and also the charisma to make decisions first in the interests of all people. Much more important to them is to adapt to obligatory procedures and to hold on to their numerous privileges.

It is we citizens who have to ensure serious, positive change. We must not stand by and watch the terrible abuses and violations of dignity!
Take Germany as an example: As soon as we ensure significantly more social balance and justice in this country, this will be transferred to other states and responsible institutions (e.g. the EU, UN, WHO, etc.) – and vice versa.