There would be no wars if those res- ponsible had to go to the front them- selves!

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La question de la cohésion

Presentation de Michael Johanni
Défenseur des droits de l’homme et auteur

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A humane world needs Chinese citizens,
that’s why it’s high time China transformed itself into a true democracy!


In the conscious, mutual respect for our basic needs, lies one of the “keys” to a much more humane world.

The need to communicate

Communicating to others means being part of the human species.
What good are the most thought pro- cesses if we do not pass them on to our fellow citizens?
We are dependent on articulating with others – exchanging ourselves – be- cause this is how we live up to our dig- nity.
If we do not, we lose ourselves in limi- tation, isolation and loneliness.

It is completely in accordance with hu- man nature that we satisfy the inner desire to communicate – through the help of language as well as facial and body movements (facial expressions and gestures).

We are in the right environment as soon as it gives us pleasure to be able to talk to other people about almost anything.

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  • nourishment

  • sleep

  • curiosity

  • the need to communicate
    the natural desire to confide in someone

  • affection
    in all areas of life

  • a feeling of security
    in all areas of life

  • recognition
    in all areas of life

  • harmony
    in all areas of life

  • freedom of speech 
    the natural desire to make a useful

  • creativity
    the natural desire for mental
    advancement, to acquire abilities, to
    live them and to expand them

  • sexuality

  • reproduction
    the natural desire to preserve the
    species man