A world in peace and harmony is possible,
it just has to be really wanted and done.

Michael Johanni 2011
Human rights activist and author

Dear fellow citizens,

Year in, year out, we citizens hope for the end of the very unbalanced living conditions.
Many citizens are still pushed into poverty and experience intimidation and exclusion.

Millions and millions of our fellow citizens in the world – including those in Central Europe – remain in jobs that pay little attention to basic needs such as sleep, recognition, affection, freedom of expression, the basic need to communicate, harmony and creativity.

Many of our fellow human beings are regularly forced into homelessness.

Over 800 million fellow citizens are constantly deprived of sufficient food and nutrients! Every year about 4 to 9 million die from this!

If the respective responsible professional politicians, representatives of the economy and other main responsible persons would think and decide in the sense of humanity towards us citizens, they could recognize that they too would have advantages, we would live in a balanced, human society.

But – so far they are not willing to do so, because most of them have been led on an unnatural, distant path.
Therefore, it is up to us citizens to demand solid and persistent support for balanced, dignified living conditions.