A world in peace and harmony is possible!
With conscious willpower
we can approach this goal.


Where judges or public prosecutors impose criminal sentences on people who disregard the importance of objectivity, civilisation and even more so humanity are being trampled underfoot!

Dear fellow citizens,

Year in, year out, we citizens hope for the end of the very unba- lanced living conditions.
Many citizens are still pushed into poverty and experience inti- midation and exclusion.

The present social situation has come to a head because some overtaxed, power-hungry people in the background, also certain professionel politicians, some scientists and the old familiar media “wish it so” …

Only superficially do social processes appear to be taking their course – but as soon as it comes to concretely demanding humanitiy in all areas of life, the current, purposefully constructed “barriers and walls” that want to allow as little space as possible for the natural right to humanity become apparent. Right now, some “people” are at work who have quite different goals in mind than humanity. However, as soon as we citizens stick together, really stick together, we will create the necessary paths to a much more humane future!

Our message to these distressed people:

Stop the lies and the violence – start thinking bigger!
Think in terms of humanity and stop being persuaded that this world could not be any different – that is not even remotely true!
So wake up and act in the sense of your fellow human beings and thus ultimately also for yourselves!

In addition, and this has been the case for many years, Millions and millions of our fellow citizens in the world – including those in Central Europe – remain in jobs that pay little attention to basic needs such as sleep, recognition, affection, freedom of expression, the basic need to communicate, harmony and creativity.

Many of our fellow human beings are regularly forced into homelessness.

Over 800 million fellow citizens are constantly deprived of sufficient food and nutrients!

If the respective responsible professional politicians, represen- tatives of the economy and other main responsible persons would think and decide in the sense of humanity towards us citizens, they could recognize that they too would have advantages, we would live in a balanced, human society.