Where is the real awakening?

Larger parts of the population in the world are stuck. They cling to the old, but in many areas very unjust, emergency-causing social structures as if they were “opium”.
So far, only a few believe in the real awakening – but these few have already understood what is really necessary …

We citizens are much more
than just …

workers – jobless – voters – businessman – pensioners – consumers – customers – benefit recipients – the masses – fans – numbers

We citizens are …

magnificent – sensitive – inquisitive – trustworthy – harmony loving – truth seeking – creative social animals – and we have a natural right to live in dignity!


We citizens have it in our hands!

In China – our fellow human beings live!

One must ask why the Chinese people, who are made up of a huge population, do not use their strength in the face of grievances …

About our human dignity

Rightly we talk about our dignity again and again – but many citizens do not pay attention to it!
Most interpersonal problems arise from the disregard for basic needs, which are the most important basis for our dignity.

The highly unbalanced, citizen-discriminating social conditions have now existed for at least 4,000 to 5,000 years.
This is why many citizens – all over the world, including in Germany – are constantly falling into unnecessary distress. Many have to endure terrible suffering.
In the German constitution we find only very few references to our dignity – it is certainly not defined more precisely there.
We citizens should only have limited opportunities to demand that our dignity be respected in all areas of life.
If the word -unimpeachable- would actually be valid, as the professional politicians in particular like to announce regularly, most of the worries and hardships would not even exist!

Why poverty?

Almost countless citizens in the world – including those in Central Europe – are in poverty with no respect for their dignity. Either they were born into this poverty or they got into this constantly present – life trap – because of the strong social imbalances.
The vast majority of citizens cannot imagine a much more humane society.
Too much has been done to portray the existing structures as ageless – but they are by no means so.
Poverty would not exist – it could not be the subliminal, frightening “companion” of the majority – if it were not wanted.
Poverty is used as a constant “means of pressure” because it allows the greater part of the population to be tied to the artificially created, restrictive “meritocracy” – and this is also possible with the “help” of specially selected terms such as jobs, unemployment, pension, economic growth, top performers, etc.

“The fruits of the earth should belong to all.
But the earth should belong to no one.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1712-1778