The most valuable cultural asset
is the human being!

… and then the world becomes
a prison for everyone?!

We are once again slipping more and more into an ominous world.
Those who can prevent this, but do not, are not only marginalising their fellow human beings, but also themselves little by little. Because, in the end, an even more divided world will be a prison for all people – also the polluters!

Our Vision

A truly balanced social structure, with all its positive effects, will lead to a much more humane world community that is provided with all necessary goods.

Michael Johanni and Christine Werth
introduce themselves


Michael Johanni -Chairman and founder-
I have long been convinced that we could have lived in a much more humane world – and that is why I am resolutely committed to this.
I was born on December 4, 1962 in the city of Schweinfurt/Northern Bavaria.
It is the natural, fundamentally wonderful abilities of us humans that strengthen my basic attitude.

I came to my current level of know- ledge because I have been cons- ciously and conscientiously analy- zing the natural, life-determining basic needs (at least 12) and their meaning, important social contexts, political and economic decisions for more than 20 years.
In addition, I have had countless conversations with my fellow citi- zens in various places over the years – and I still do.
I started writing in 2001. This enabled me to better bundle my numerous thoughts, researches and
experiences and to analyze them in the sense of humanity – and this in turn led me to found our associa- tion …human being stay human!

Christine Werth -secretary-
I was born on December 22, 1974 in Ulmbach/ Romania. Since 1990 I live in Germany. After my appren- ticeship as a confectioner in Würz- burg, I worked in this profession for further years.
In 2010 I changed to the bakery sales. I have been a member of our association since 2008 and have been secretary for several years.
I am very much interested in honesty and an obliging, human cooperation.
I like to be a hobby photographer – my favorite motives are flowers.

Let’s make each other’s lives easier, not harder.