„No one is a stranger
as long as we do not treat him as such.“

Michael Johanni 2010
Human rights activist and author

We citizens are much more than just…

workers – jobless – voters – businessman – pensioners – consumers – customers – benefit recipients – the masses – fans – numbers

We citizens are…

magnificent – sensitive – inquisitive – trustworthy – harmony loving – truth seeking – creative social animals – and we have a natural right to live in dignity!

„Do not hide anymore,
unfold instead“

The respect for your dignity must be stronger
than your fears!

  • Don’t forget – your fellow men were born with the same basic needs as you!

  • Have faith in your natural qualities!

  • Prejudices
    – thoughts or opinions without any precise knowledge lead to unnecessary distance to others and injure the dignity of your fellow human beings…

  • Do not regard the despair and poverty of many of your fellow citizens as self-inflicted. Instead, recognise the real reasons for their plight and stand up for these citizens – as best you can.

  • Without exception, all citizens should be assured and allowed a place to live in dignity – regardless of their profession or origin, and their personal or financial status. A minimum of privacy is part of our dignity!

  • Intimidation at work or in other places should be stood up to with courage – this improves your quality of life.

  • We all live on the same planet Earth and we all have the same basic needs! It is not in our true nature to label some of our fellow human beings as different or even total strangers.

In the conscious, mutual respect for our basic needs,
lies one of the „keys“ to a much more humane world.

  • nourishment

  • sleep
  • curiosity
  • the need to communicate
    the natural desire to confide in someone

  • affection
    in all areas of life

  • a feeling of security
    in all areas of life

  • recognition
    in all areas of life

  • harmony
    in all areas of life

  • sexuality
    hetero-, homo- and bisexuality

  • reproduction
    the natural desire to preserve the species man

  • freedom of speech
    the natural desire to make a useful opinion

  • creativity
    the natural desire for mental advancement, to acquire abilities, to live them and to expand them

“In places where basic needs are not considered, discontentment arises – this is the same for all areas of life.

Dissatisfaction – especially persistent ones – makes us humans tired, blocks our basic motivation, annoys us, can make us ill and also causes anger or even violence to develop in us“.